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Today is the beginning of autumn
来源: | Author: Anna Qu | Publish date: 2021-08-07 | 1497 views | 分享到:
Today is the beginning of autumn

This morning, I stopped flowing fire, and Shang Biao was already surprised.

The clouds and sky receive the color of summer, and the leaves move with the sound of autumn.

Today at 14:54

We welcome the first solar term of autumn

Beginning of autumn

Beginning of autumn

Holding the tail of midsummer

Although the name has "autumn"

But the heat did not abate

It is one of the twenty-four solar terms

The third hot solar term, second only to great heat and slight heat

The agricultural proverb says, "three volts clip one autumn, and one volt is added after autumn."

At this time, the temperature difference between morning and evening gradually increases

It's still hot at noon

Beware of the "autumn tiger"

Increase or decrease clothes in time and pay attention to heatstroke prevention and dryness reduction

As far as farming is concerned

The beginning of autumn is a crucial moment

The plants in nature began to bear fruit

The harvest season is coming

Cotton bolls and soybean pods

Rice is solid and sorghum is turning red

Fields waiting for harvest

Like a colorful palette

Busy autumn can be seen everywhere in the field

The farmyard is full of sunshine

Seasonal ripe melons, fruits and crops

The festival of "drying autumn" will be staged everywhere

How happy it is that the heat goes away and cools down

The bright autumn day is less surrounded by clouds

The shower stopped, leaving only a gentle breeze

The setting sun filled the clouds with color

The night wind makes the night less dry and hot

The wind rustled and whispered

The story of summer ends quietly

The picture of autumn is unfolding

In this season when the grain is ripe and the ground is golden

May every hardworking you

Can collide with the expectation of sowing!