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Introduction of automobile pipeline, market status and future trend
来源: | Author: Anna Qu | Publish date: 2021-08-23 | 1447 views | 分享到:
The development of China's automobile industry is still 10 ~ 15 years away from the saturation period. Under the background of the rapid development of automobile manufacturing technology, what is the current market situation and future trend of automobile pipeline as an important automobile part?

Automobile pipeline is an important automobile part. Its quality and performance play a key role in improving the performance and quality level of the whole automobile.

While the proportion of industrial long pipe production is shrinking, industrial short pipe has developed rapidly in recent decades, and the output has increased sharply. Now it has become the leading product of rubber hose.

With the rapid development of hydraulic technology and pneumatic technology, various short pipes represented by high-pressure rubber hose have been popularized to aircraft, automobile, engineering machinery, special industrial vehicles, hydraulic machine tools, ships, plastic processing machinery, robots and other fields, especially various connecting pipes used in automobiles.

Decades ago, the rubber hose on the car was just a few products such as heat dissipation pipe and brake pipe, while the rubber hose used on modern cars has reached more than 20 kinds.

In addition to high-performance brake pipes and fuel pipes, there are many types of functional rubber pipes such as air conditioning pipes and power steering pipes. Most of them are high-tech products with high added value, with complex metal buckle joints, making the manufacturing technology of rubber pipes more and more precise and the industry gradually upgraded.