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German automobile pipeline connection technology champion enterprise settled in Baoji
来源: | Author: Anna Qu | Publish date: 2022-07-12 | 804 views | 分享到:

A few days ago, Germany Fuchs group and caijiapo Economic Development Zone Management Committee officially signed an agreement on the entry of headquarters enterprises into the zone. The implementation of the project marks a further step in caijiapo's efforts to build an automobile and parts manufacturing base in Western China, which will inject strong momentum into the chain extension and supplement of Baoji automobile industry.

It is understood that Fuchs group is the champion enterprise in the field of automotive pipeline connection technology in Germany. It has sold more than 1billion connectors used in air braking systems and more than 30million SCR pipelines, mainly serving trucks, buses, passenger cars and other fields. The caijiapo project, with a total investment of 270 million yuan, plans to carry out product and production process development and the construction of technical service center in the northwest region, and will carry out breakthrough research in product development, product verification, technical consultation and production process development for customers in this region. At present, Fuchs group has paid the advance payment for the lease of standardized plants, the enterprise has completed the project EIA report, and the rest of the work is being carried out in an orderly manner, and the construction is expected to start in October. After the project is completed and put into operation, the annual sales revenue will be about 500million yuan.