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Global car modification show
来源: | Author: Lisa Huang | Publish date: 2023-08-30 | 48 views | 分享到:

Car modification is a culture full of passion and adventure. Modifying vehicles is a personalized and creative activity that caters to not only the pursuit of speed and performance but also brings unique driving experiences and enjoyment. With the development of the automotive industry and the popularity of motorsports, car modification has become an integral part of the lives of ordinary car enthusiasts and has gradually evolved into a fashionable trend.

The level of development in the car modification industry varies from country to country, and car modification exhibitions in different countries indirectly reflect the level of the automotive industry in those countries. Currently, the three major car modification exhibitions in the world are the SEMA Show in the United States, the Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan, and the Essen Motor Show in Germany, all of which have a significant global influence.

SEMA Show: The Global Trendsetter in Car Modification - United States

The SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association), established in 1967, is held annually in early November in Las Vegas. It is the premier automotive aftermarket event globally and the largest professional aftermarket exhibition in the world. The SEMA exhibition exudes a strong American cultural flavor, with a focus on rugged vehicles like off-road and muscle cars, showcasing their robust and wild charm. The show gathers a multitude of innovative and creative product examples, setting it apart in the world of automotive modification exhibitions. The event not only features various branded modifications but also sees active participation from private car enthusiasts.

Tokyo Auto Salon: Asia's Vanguard of Car Modification - Japan

The Tokyo Auto Salon, originating in 1983, initially upheld the culture of "consumer vehicle personalization" and has successfully continued ever since. It attracts automotive modification brands and technologies from around the world and has become an important platform for addressing industry issues and promoting the development of car modification culture. It brings together numerous top-performance vehicles, racing and rally drivers, making it the largest professional automotive sports and modification exhibition in Asia. Additionally, the show has a branch called the JDM car show, which focuses on modifications for civilian vehicles and is also one of the prominent car modification exhibitions. Today, the Tokyo Auto Salon stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the SEMA Show and the Essen Motor Show, making it one of the "Big Three" global car modification exhibitions.

Essen Motor Show: Europe's Pioneer of Car Modification - Germany

Germany, as the birthplace of the century-old automotive industry, boasts a rich history of car modification culture. According to surveys, 80% of Germans are interested in car modification. Among the three major modification exhibitions, the Essen Motor Show in Germany is the finest representative of European modification styles. During its annual run, numerous exhibitors flock to showcase their products. This exhibition predominantly features European manufacturers, with most of the showcased vehicles coming from European car brands, and occasionally, American and Japanese manufacturers participate. It is the largest car modification event in Europe. The show's quality products, technical support, deep brand culture and historical heritage, and the combination of professionalism and entertainment in its on-site atmosphere all demonstrate the strength of the Essen Motor Show.

In recent years, car modification has gained more recognition and attention, leading to continuous upgrades in its depth and breadth. There has been a significant transformation in its content and scope. High-end, branded, quality-focused, personalized, and customized modifications are gradually becoming the mainstream direction in the car modification market.