63mm 2.5 inch 90 degree silicone elbow


63mm 2.5 inch 90 degree silicone elbow hose, as can be seen, The 2.5  silicone elbow is made of 4 ply woven fabric reinforced silicone. As a matter of fact, Silicone elbow hose 90 degree is the first one of our silicone hose elbow line. In the mean time,  90 silicone elbow hoses, 2.5 inch silicone elbow is the most popular sizes  in engine piping hose modifications. 2.5 inch is the bore inner diameter of the hose, it’s metric ID is 63mm. After all, more detailed information about the hose, please refer to below key information sheet.

Sizes and construction

Part Number SHE90-63/125
Material Silicone with 4 ply fabric reinforcement
Shape silicone elbow hose 90 degree
ID (Inner Diameter) 2.5 inch (63mm)
Leg Length 125 mm
Bend Radius 3 inch (63mm)
Ply of reinforcement 4 ply
Wall Thickness 5 +/-0.5 mm

Performance and application

We adopts quality silicone rubber to make these hoses , and the silicone elbow hose 90 degree  can be applied to  high temperature and high boost working environment. Given these points, for working temperature:  they can withstand temperatures from -65F up to 500F degree Fahrenheit. Then for the hose construction, we use 4 ply fabric and 5mm wall size to ensure a  working pressure  up to 80 PSI.  In another words, 3 times of burst pressure 245 PSI tested in laboratory. The 2.5 inch silicone elbow is a great choice for turbo, intercooler, and intake piping hose connection.

Custom the 2.5 inch silicone elbow

  1. Reinforcement fabric choice:  Polyester, Aramid, Glass fiber
  2. Liner: Fluorosilicone(FVMQ) or Fluorocarton
  3. Number of PLY: 3/4/5/6 PLY
  4. Leg length: 96mm to 250mm
  5. Color: all kinds
  6. Outer surface: Shiny/Frosted
  7. Logo: your logo

How to name the hose

2.5 silicone elbow 90 degree, in other words, we call it silicone hose elbow 90 degree,  90 silicone elbow hoses, and  silicone elbow hose 90 degree.  In the meantime, our company’s part number of it will help us easily sort the type and size out clearly. for example, SHE90-63/125 means  silicone hose(SH), Elbow 90 degree(E90), 63(ID 63mm 2.5 inch), 125(Leg length: 125mm). Furthermore, if you want to customize 2.5 silicone elbow 90 degree hose with 3 ply polyester reinforced, blue color, 150 mm leg length and flurosilicone liner and shiny outer surface: then the related part number will be:  SHE90-63/150P3F/BU-1.  In brief,  Contact us for your own silicone hose elbow sizes, color and performance.


2.5 silicone elbow






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