76 mm 3 inch 90 degree silicone elbow


The 90 degree hose elbow is a 3 inch 90 degree silicone elbow hose. As can been seen,  the elbow hose is made of  blue silicone , and 4 ply polyester reinforcement. Generally speaking, 3 silicone elbow is a popular size in air hose piping . Furthermore, the bore ID 3 90 degree silicone elbow is another leading size in all our 90 degree silicone elbow. Detailed 76 mm 90 degree silicone hose elbow sizes and construction are as below.

Size and construction of 3 90 degree silicone elbow

Part Number SHE90-76/125
Material Silicone with 4 ply polyester reinforcement
Hose Shape 90 degree bending
ID (Inner Diameter) 3 inch (76mm)
Leg Length 125 mm
Bend Radius 3 inch (76mm)
Ply of reinforcement 4 ply
Wall Thickness 5 +/-0.5 mm

Performance and application of 3 silicone elbow

The 3 inch 90 degree silicone elbow hoses is ideal for high temp working area, such as supercharger, inter cooler and air filter intakes.  Usually our  90 degree hose elbow is made of silicone material, together with  high temp fabric reinforcement. As a matter of fact,  the polyester reinforce silicone can bare a temperature from -40 degree to 180 centigrade degree. In contrast, the aramide and glass fiber reinforce one can withstand even higher. Equally important, our hose working pressure is outstanding too.  For example, the 4 ply reinforced 3 inch 90 degree silicone elbow’s burst pressure to 1.2 Mpa,  correspondingly, the working its working pressure is up to 0.4 Mpa.

Custom your own 90 degree silicone hose elbow

Let us know the ID, Leg, Ply, Wall size and working environment, we will custom hose for you right away.  For example, you want a intercooler colde size connection coupler,  ID is 3 in,  125 leg, then we will recommend the most fit hose:  SHE90-63/125P4/BU-1. Follow below 7 steps to custom 3 inch 90 degree silicone elbow

  1. Reinforcement fabric choice:  Polyester, Aramid, Glass fiber
  2. Liner: Fluorosilicone(FVMQ) or Fluorocarton
  3. Number of PLY: 3/4/5/6 PLY
  4. Leg length: 96mm to 250mm
  5. Color: all kinds
  6. Outer surface: Shiny/Frosted
  7. Logo: your logo

Advantage of our 3 inch 90 degree silicone elbow


3 inch 90 degree silicone elbow 


3 silicone elbow




3 90 degree silicone elbow







90 degree silicone hose elbow






90 degree hose elbow packing way


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