Silicone heater hose 3/4 red 2 ply reinforced


The silicone heater hose 3/4 is strengthened with 2 layers of braiding polyester, and is designed to have a better working pressure compared with ordinary silicone heater hoses.  Additionally its special material compound of silicone makes it excellent for high temperature medium conduction. Laboratory burst testing result shows amazing 250 PSI; Suggested working temperature of -40 C to 180 C.

Dimensions of silicone heater hose 3/4

ID: 3/4″ (19 mm)

Reinforcement layer: 2

Wall size: 4mm

Length: 10 m to 50 m (or made to order)

Bend radius: 3 inch

Function of silicone heater hose 3/4

The silicone heater hose 3/4  is connected to the circulatory system of the water tank to the heater. And the role of the hose is as follows:  start engine to  gradually increase water temp, then  carry out a large cycle of warm coolant.  Additionally, the heater hose is directly connected to the heater tank at the thermostat side, and the small tank has a temperature , Then you can use the fan to send out the temperature!  Usually, A sensor controls the temperature !

In the car warm air, engine coolant is used to carry the residual heat. The heater hose go through the warm air heat exchanger to heat the air circulating in the car. Before the heat exchanger, the coolant goes through tthe engine using  radiator hoses; After the heat exchanger, the heater hose transmit the warm air to each outlet in the car,  In brief, our silicone heater hose 3/4 is used to transfer warm coolant.

In summary, our silicone heater hose 3/4 is the premium quality hose for your choice at best value.


silicone heater hose 3/4






silicone heater hose 3/4










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